Announcement of the Estate

On behalf of the Steynovitz Estate we, the Steynovitz family, welcome you to the new official Steynovitz Zamy website. Two years after Zamy passed away, we established an experimental website for a few months. After gathering more information and images of Zamy’s artwork, we established this official website in the memory and honor of Zamy.


This website is a family project, a memorial to our beloved Zamy who passed away prematurely. It is not sponsored by nor involved with any other person or organization. The website’s goals are to gather and catalog all of the artwork Zamy created during his lifetime so it can be presented to the world, and to have centralized files of all of his artwork certified by the Steynovitz family.


We have worked very hard to catalogue and title Zamy’s artwork and to put every thing in order, but you may still find discrepancies in some of the titles. If you own any Steynovitz Zamy artwork and find a discrepancy, please let us know so we can correct the information on the website. If you own any of the art that you see on the website, or that is not on the website, and you would like to put your name under the artwork as the private collector of that art, please contact us so that we may put your name on the website.


Please note that the only authorized representative of the Steynovitz family, who owns all of the Steynovitz Zamy artwork copyrights, is Zamy’s only brother, Tzvi Steynovitz. The only certification of Zamy's artwork by the Steynovitz family is noted by one of the following stamps plus Tzvi's hand signature.




We decided to display only the artwork by Zamy that has been checked, authorized and certified by the Steynovitz family on our website although we may have information on other artwork, too. We maintain the files of the art certified by us. If you need any information about the artwork and its certification, we will be happy to assist.


I hope you enjoy this website and thank you for visiting it.



An Autobiography movie


A new autobiography of Zamy and his artwork is available on DVD; please contact us for further information.




Art for Sell


As a result of many requests and inquires about the authentication of the art, we have decided to be involved in, and control the sale of, Zamy's original artwork. This involvement will include artwork such as oil on canvas, watercolors, sculptures, tapestries, etc. but not prints and serigraphs. The art that will be offered by the Steynovitz Estate will be authenticated and certificated by the Estate.


If you have any of Zamy's original artwork that you wish to sell using our services, please provide as much information about the art as possible so it can be certified by the Estate.

Art that is not certified by the Estate will have to be approved through our procedure of certification and will be offered only after the approval and issue of a document of certification.


The art will be displayed on our website under the category of

 “Additional art -- OFFERED FOR SALE” at .


We do not make a recommendation or commitment to any pricing.


For further information or requirements, please contact me at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 1-416-473 5134


Tzvi Steynovitz

Representative of the Estate

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.